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Dr Wanda Marie Middleton

Wanda Marie openly shares her life walk in overcoming traumatizing childhood abuses, married to a street hustler and narcissistic husband in the first 17yrs of their marriage, surviving homelessness with four young children for one year in NYC and many other mind-blinding life events that occurrred early in her life. These traumatizing events should have destroyed her self worth and her life, but instead she has chosen to take those experiences and turn them into what she calls "truth treasures". WandaMarie tells her story in her first book co-written with other authors called "I Still Have My Praise", by LaTanya Blake Allen & Friends and the title of her chapter is called “The Power of Forgiveness”. WandaMarie offers real raw advice and a reality check up to those silently dealing with guilt, condemnation and shame derived from their choice to stay married while silently suffering.