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Tina Haynes

I enjoy the simplicity of life in north Georgia. Although, I work in Atlanta, and it is true what they say- Atlanta has some of the worst traffic in the nation, if not the world. While I am truly a mountain girl at heart, my soul belongs to the coast. I love being oceanside, and hope to live there one day. I truly believe that being where the sand meets the sea is the cure for all that ails you. I believe in family first, above all else. One of my life goals if to be a Zumba instructor one day. In high school, my Enghlish teacher got me a journalism scholarship, but I was unable to go to college at that time. I have never failed to still be grateful for his believing in me. I have had a variety of jobs from retail and customer service to firefighter/EMT. I have since in life been blessed with the opportunity to go to college, but, never followed the journalism path. I am completing my bachelor degree in Human Services, and working on a dual minor in Psychology and Criminal Justice. However, the love of writing has never left me. I am most fond of great authors as Thoreau and Emerson. I believe I identify with the idea of Transcenentalism and the sense of oneness with nature and self discovery.