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Janet Vincenti

July 12, 2022 Update: Why is it that just when your creative streak hits, life happens? After signing a two year lease on what I now refer to as the Fiberglass Bunker (and seven months into the same), I was advised by the county I live in what was an illegal rental. l am now engaged in a lawsuit against that homeowner (for a toxic DIY basement renovation rental) who knew what he was doing (aka Sheister) for back rent and moving expenses. That said, I should be more than ready in August to begin my new writing project about a past event. Readership is giving me the chance to be the best writer/story teller I can be, to pass along the chance to get out of your own head, even for just a minute; it might be the exact minute that you needed to move forward with your own dreams of being the best you can be in this life in preparation for the next. The world is in turmoil and needs positive and inspiring things to elevate our hope that things should and can be different (and better). So after a few rough months renting from a snake oil salesman, which included health issues from the toxic exposure, and subsequent legal action, I'll be able to turn that page of life and start on the next; I hope to inspire the same in those my writings reach.

May 3, 2022 Update: A new (and true) personal story is in the works. With all the suffering these past three years (the global pandemic, the economic crisis, the dirty politics, the seemingly growing hatred that's spreading around the world just as the virus did, and now the watching of a genicidal dictator starting what we already know will end up being WWIII), I felt telling my story about a bad Hospice experience for which I lived to tell, was bad timing. But since I'm a believer in "See Something Say Something," I've decided there is no time like the present, as people are suffering far more horrific events than I have, by far. Some might find solace in a story that starts out looking at the darkness of death but ends with the light of new life.

I was a Hospice nurse for a year after graduating nursing school the year prior (I worked for a state facility for a year and that was an eye-opener to my new profession) and my upcoming story is in no way a reflection on the majority of amazing healthcare workers doing the best job they can every single day they're on duty, and sometimes even when they're not working, but most everyone has heard the term "Angels of Death," and that term has been applied to those who feel they have the power to end someone's "suffering" without permission/informed consent or knowledge of the perpetrator's victim. Somebody tried and failed with me, and I will tell my story now that I can handle reliving those events just to be able to write about them. It has taken over two years to get to a place mentally to be able to handle that story with the PTSD that it left me with. I have yet to pen other, just as significant life stories; some are about those who graced us with their presence but were taken far too early, breaking many hearts. Some events take longer than others to have the strength to recall without that ball that appears in your throat when you try too, or the eyes begin to flood with tears. It is just too emotional. I'm hoping it is true what they say about time healing all wounds.

April 19, 2022 Update: Donna (for whom my personal story about radiation experimentation was dedicated) would have been 71 today and my daughter, who died by suicide (at age 32), would have turned 48. A birthday uncelebrated now for those left behind to commemorate the day in their absence. These two special women are my inspiration to the the most difficult stories yet to be written (theirs), but whose causes are with me when I write about anything else. As a writer, we must re-live the past again to share those stories with others who might find peace or knowledge within those true stories. We live in a world that demands we are vigilant and aware of the dangers that surround us, and as I have always believed, knowledge is power. Cancer and suicide rates are escalating and the origin for both demands more action. There seems to be more of a push for healthcare and pharmaceutal interventions ($$$) versus prevention and eliminating the reasons the conditions exist in the first place.

January 3, 2022 Update: Today the world lost another beautiful spirit while heaven gained another angel. Rest in Peace Donna. I will be forever grateful for you. Another beautiful soul taken by brain cancer (Glioblastoma).

December 2021 Update: A new story is coming (it is in the editing stage) and will be dedicated to my best friend, who I was able to share the news days prior to her losing her ability to speak. She's been my lifelong reality check, a mentor of kindness, love, and honesty. She's been my biggest fan (and sister-in-law) forever. Her recent gift to me was a last phone call and mine to hers is the story she's talked about throughout the many decades we've been in each other's lives; I imagine it is one she's silently encouraged me to write. On our last phone call, I was able to let her know I finished that story. Since ours has been a relationship where we have a keen sense of one another, and didn't always require words, or direct contact, I can feel her in my heart where she has always been and will always remain. It is the one relationship in my life that has never known negativity or lack of faith in God. The upcoming story will be for you, Donna. With all my love. Find comfort now in all the love those who adore you as I do, are sharing with you in the difficult times ahead. There is no greater medicine than love. Thank you my sister for a lifetime of yours.

August 2021 update: Not that I think this year has been any better than the last, and globally the challenges continue to push humanity to the brink, but somehow we've no choice but to roll with it the best we can, individually making sure we aren't any part of the problem. I thought it was too sad to face the more difficult stories, because of the dreadful 2020 year of the beginning of the global pandemic and all it's sickness and death, so I began "publishing" my writings that had more of a humorous tone. What I've realized since then is that no matter how individually we try to live our best lives, it doesn't work that way. There are unexpected and tragic times sprinkled inbetween the few normal moments we can grasp again, even if only for a minute here and there, and there are stories that should be shared at all costs because in all the tragedies we find the light that leads us back to our best selves, abeit the obvious changes in our spirit. We are our own light and the master of our own spirit. I believe the daily nourishment required to sustain life includes lessons learned. Sometimes the lessons become stories. Those are the stories I hope to share. To touch the spirit of another via commonalities between perfect stangers, is just one of life's emotional blessings. Sometimes it can be good medicine. So all my stories going forward (after "All The Lovely Creatures" chapters) will be dedicated to the one person in my life that has always been my mentor, my biggest fan, and my most loyal supporter. My BFF/Sister-in-Law, Donna Vincenti has been that creative light along my path. Thanks, sis, for never giving up on my writing projects. Here's to that light making its way onto the positive paths of others...

2021 entry: Sometimes it is impossible to continue the creative flow when unexpected (and sad) news about someone you love hits home, hits hard, and hits fast. I know that life giveth and life taketh away, that is just how things are, but it can be a crushing emotional disaster for all involved and this isn't my first rodeo either. I'm unsure of when I'll be able to post new stories. This hurdle is one of many in my life that is taking an extraordinary toll, but hoping that life experiences continue to teach me things I can share with others through heartfelt stories that allows for others to understand that as humans we share so many similarities when it comes to love, friendship, family, our dreams, or failures, our fears or our sense of humor... just so many commonalities. More similarities than differences, I'm sure.

With a heavy heart I now put those stories aside so that I can fully grasp the challenges and struggles present in my life right now because the love that drives those emotions deserves everything I've got in me. One day soon, I hope I can get back into the groove of storytelling, which for me is the air of life itself, and there are so many stories that deserve to be told. I've just had to muster the guts to write them and have to be exactly where I need to be to do so because they are deep and impactual. If anyone is reading this and is spiritual, please say a prayer for all those that have suffered this past year. There are many for so many different reasons. This is about a health crisis of a loved one. We all could use a little more understanding, kindness, and love too.

2020 entry: Retired hairdreser, Registered Nurse, Nurse Paralegal, musician, and lifelong creative writer with various new projects in the works. A colorful life, which included five US states, I can't think of a better time to share experiences through stories and photographs taken along the way.

Thanks to the time retirement and nenewed health has now provided me (I have MS), coupled with the oxymoron of all the sad historic challenges of 2020 (most seriously the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, and unprecidented damaging US events caused by climate change) (and all the other 100+ record breaking insanity this past year), this has resulted in a sort of forced introspection. The old saying of "what doesn't break you makes you stronger," couldn't feel more timely. We all now find ourselves emotionally treading water and figuring out how it is we will rise out of the deepening water line to feel dry ground again.

The power of words are important during these times, and the sharing with others a necessary human element to help one another through unimaginable difficulties. Relatability feels virtuous and medicinal. It is the much needed compassion and unification necessary for us to get to the other side of this present raging river called life. Perseverance and will are necessities. This has been a historic year in an unbalanced and scary way. Nobody was prepared for it. I believe that there is much work to be done to upright the listing ship upon which we currently float, leaving many feeling directionless, or hopeless, and that we will, once again, reach the promised land once looked upon by all as the safe (and free) Americas.

This is the time for truth over fiction and conspiracies, for love over hate, for unification over division, for life over death (please wear a mask!), for healing over suffering, for promise over poverty, for fairness and equal opportunity for all, and for leadership that works for it's taxpaying people. This is our house, our world, our democracy. Let's make the necesary changes to keep it that way; each of us have the power to contribute to a better life for all. If somebody is uncapable of doing so, that's alright, those of us who can... well, "we got you."

Sharing the power of words are akin to powerful medicine, spiritual emotion that evokes thought... and change. More powerful than that, is prayer. We can do this.

Unlike most social media sites, HubPages is a monitiored site for writer's and readers, with submissions reviewed prior to publishing, and is why I chose this as the forum for which to make a difference, to contribute. It is a refreshing example of a creative format that has proven itself a real contender among so many other mediums which have not resulted in the level of positivity and change this site has. My personal goal as an author is to share the best of what I've got within my own creative ability... and that someone else's life is inspired because of that. Had it not been for the mentors and inspiration I've had along my own journey, I'd still be on that listing ship.