Kartanya Martinez

Kartanya Martinez is an author/writer who lives in Australia. Hard line, realistic with no sugar coating. Her sole belief is the freedom to choose lifestyle and the freedom to exist in ones own righ

Kartanya writes reality! She is one of the most astounding upcoming authors in Australia today. Kartanya also writes under the psuedonym 'Tarnia Garcia De Martinez'. 

Kartanya's specialty is to be able write the deepest; darkest; most brutal raw reality of peoples lives and their world in such a way your compassion, empathy and cohesive acknowledgements of what you have just read are left quivering with 

Twice married and divorced has raised 6 children and many that call her "Mum". Down to earth and prepared to work hard.

Kartanya is also a hard hitting political activist, who has a no holds barred approach to anyone that she feels is encroaching on Australian's freedom to exist in their own right, and a person's freedom of choice in their direction and choice of lifestyle. An avid fighter against the Anti-Association laws in Australia she has often found herself targeted by Police and Government. 

Kartanya likes to write about reality, hard hitting things that others may shy away from. Kartanya has an uncanny ability to see the world's of real people and measuring them against their own personal existence, not the mainstream 'white picket fence' existence that society expects. She can make the damned look redeemed and society's rabble shine through as the real salt of the earth people that we need.

Kartanya hopes Girl Outlaw is the first of many hard hitting stories, that the elite are too scared to hear about and real people are craving for.