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Hello Hubbers!

I am a new mom who's always had a passion for writing.  Being a stay at home mommy has been such a blessing, and I couldn't be more thrilled to take care of my beautiful baby girl, and to write about whatever I want all day.

I love to read.  There is nothing better than a good book you can just sink your mind into.  Each book opened brings new questions of who will I be today? And what worlds will I explore?

For longer than I've loved reading, I have loved writing.  I remember being a small child and making my own books as soon as I learned how to write.  One of which being an informative book on frogs and tadpoles, complete with its own cardboard book binding and artistic renderings done by yours truly :)Today I am a currently a college student, finally pursuing my degree in English.

As a proud earth loving Pagan, I try to live a sustainable lifestyle and hope to encourage others to do the same as well with my hubs!

I am looking forward to being a part of the hubpages community!