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Stacy Vale Karron

Freelance writer with a sharp sense of humor, vivid view of the world and love of the English language who bring effective, compelling words to the page.

Trilingual and traveled, I lived and studied in the Middle East. After my studies, I followed my heart and became an animal journalist and behaviorist.

Voted "Funniest Girl in High School", I have a repuation to uphold. My mission is to eradicate animal abuse, world hunger and sheer stupidity through infomative, interesting and entertaining copy.

I'm a Beatle fanatic and rock & roll addict who can take "learn to play drums" off my bucket list.

I am admittedly a news junkie - not for the dread but rather the thread. I am referred to as a "Masdebator" because I "get off" on debates (and spelling bees).