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I live in a suburb of Minneapolis MN, where most of the time the weather is nice, except for the 6 months of winter. I have spent the majority of my life working in sales, service and sales management. I also have a background in electronics and spent several years as a police reserve officer for a local city. But my passions are photography, disc golf, ball golf, canoeing, fishing, working out and of course writing. I am blessed with 3 beautiful daughters, 4 wonderful stepchildren, 3 grandchildren, and 6 step grandchildren.

I initially started playing disc golf in 1978; I stopped playing for quite a few years but got back into it 3 years ago. It is a great game that is good exercise, good competition with others and with yourself. I have written several hubs about disc golf, and I am the Minneapolis disc golf writer for I also have disc golf news blog that I maintain daily with disc golf news.

I have had a passion for photography for the past 12 years, in that time I have taken in the area of 60,000 photos of many different subjects. One of the most relaxing things to do is just grab the camera and go out for a walk in the woods, or in the city, and just look for great photos by studying things that you would normally overlook. I have a photography blog with lots of great tips and information.

I am also very much into exercise. I work out with weights 3 times a week and do some type of cardio 3 or 4 times per week. Writting as the Minneapolis cardio fitness examiner has been fun for me as well.

I also enjoy most outdoor activities and I write for the Examiner as the Mpls cycling examiner as well, where you can find news and great cycling tips and articles.