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Arati Nair

For a long time I had wished to remain a face in the crowd, indifferent to the fast paced world around. As it happens with all ill-fated unrealistic goals, my plan too is now in shambles. Socialising on the internet has opened new avenues for the friendly person in me, and I've taken every chance to fulfill my passion for creative writing. Though most of my scattered thoughts revolve around changes that have shaken my long time apathetic attitude, they have also influenced my life to usher in new perspectives. I'd like to burst away from the cocoon woven by societal constraints and express myself freely. Hubpages is my first baby step!

Hi, I'm Arati, an engineering undergrad student from South India. Reading is more of a passion than an obsessive hobby. I enjoy travelling, mingling with people, making new friends and heated discussion on topics that interest me.

Poetry writing takes up most of my free time. I enjoy soft music in any language and had had a strong dislike for rock for many years. This changed some months back, when I experimented with a few songs and did not hate them at once. Now, I'm an avid listener though I do not follow any particular band or singer.

When in school, I was an athlete with a special interest in badminton, basketball and volleyball. Over the years though, I've found more solace in reading/writing than anything else.

I usually fail to attract any sort of crowd (of strangers, mostly) to read my works voluntarily. I hope that changes with HubPages! :)

Feel free to read and comment.

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