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Sarah C Nason

Sarah Christina has a B.A. in Creative Writing and Journalism from the University of Washington.

Sarah has enjoyed writing short stories and poetry since she was a child, but primarily considers herself a poet. During her time in college she had a few news articles featured in local publications, but ultimately she decided that news writing was too formal and restrictive for her writing style.

Although she is new to blogging and Hubpages, she is excited to use this as an opportunity to hone her writing skills, make an income, learn, expand her social network, and to add some meat to her resume.

In the future she hopes to publish some of her poetry, write a novel and maybe even try screenwriting.

Sarah's hobbies include: studying human behavior, being an information sponge, reading, writing poetry, playing video games (particularly MMORPGs), listening to music, watching movies and critiquing them, photography, eating good food and appreciating all forms of art.