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Rodric Anthony Johnson

Writing for years has been an escape for me from the trials of life into the creativity of imagination and perspective that connects us to engage in a shared experience.

Several books have come along this writing journey with me, one being Moroni Saw Me.

I write about the things of my heart, or as the ancient American prophet Nephi coined, "the things of my soul," [2 Nephi 4:15]

Life inspires and challenges us to think differently or confirm points we currently have about ourselves, religion, politics, social issues, and relationships. I write about those things! Touching hearts is my goal; so, each word counts.

Comments from YOU are a treasure!

If you read and like what is written, comment.

If you read and hate what is written, comment.

Any interaction, good or bad, an appreciated and respectful reply will follow--a goal for each one!.

All God's children have a divine heritage; therefore, the right to liberty. We share as a global community the sacred truth of human dignity and worth as carefully as we can. As children of God, we call for Divine aid when we need it and defense if we must. The United States is my home, which I love I hope that we can all love our nations and support the good things they do.