Rodric Anthony

Reaching out to others in writing is the art of touching the hearts of readers one word at a time; so, each word counts. Written media is not a dying art, but one that is for the quiet places when our mobile devices are inconvenient to watch with volume.

Having been at writing for more than ten years, writing has been the escape from the trials of life into the creativity of imagination and perspective that connects people to engage in a shared experience for me. Several books have come along this writing journey, one being Moroni Saw Me.

Not only do I write about the things of my heart, but life perspectives that may inspire and challenge the readers to think differently or confirm points that he or she may currently have about life, religion, politics, social issues, and relationships.

Comments from those who read are a treasure. If you read and like what is provided, comment. If you read and hate what is written, comment. Any interaction is appreciated and a respectful reply will follow each one.