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Rebecca Shepherd Thomas

My passion is writing to make a difference in this world. I love it so much that I continue to go to college even now for more years than I can count and I am not done yet. I have had a few publications over the years but mostly my writing was put on hold so that I could raise my wonderful son, Tony, and continue my education in what now is my third major.

My last degree was a BA in sociology. Sociology is the study of people: different cultures, different up-bringings, different sexes, different physical characteristics, different talents and disabilities. It is all in there. I am not an expert in human behavior I only study it and look at the different possible cultural reasons for why we do what we do.

I want to make a difference in the lives of women and people in general. I want to address social issues that plague our country. It has always been my goal to fight for the underdog, which includes so many different categories of people and social issues. One of my passions is to help with the empowerment of women. I will write on many issues, but I am beginning with relationships.

I also like to throw in some fiction now and then and some book reviews. I have always loved reading and learning. I love the classic books such as the works of Shakespeare, and Homer, and numerous others; basically all the epics too. I like to look at different aspects of these writings and figure out where they were coming from in the time it was written.