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Alvie Dewade

I am a professional economic and investment analyst with nearly 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies.  I love politics and discussing current events, but wish we could return to actual dialogue and debate.  Modern politics has devolved into propaganda with leaders who appeal to people's baser instincts.  The role of media, to inform voters ensuring a vibrant democracy, has sadly morphed into advertiser paid commentary making finding solutions and compromise less and less likely.

Truth itself has become, at best, subjective, and at worst, an inconvenience to get around so you don't have to concede a point.  Research has digressed to fact checking and analysis get bogged down in sorting out irrelevant or inconsequential tangential issues.  The core of issues are being drowned out by distractions and the very people who should be focusing voters on what is important, compete for viewer ratings for their reality television dressed up as news.

We must return to a process which relies upon thorough research, substantiated facts, an absence of subjective arguments, and compromise.  Politics shouldn't be about absolutism.  We are a nation of over 300 million people and representative democracy demands all 300 million citizens be considered.

I will endeavor to discuss timely topics relying on reason and facts.  I hope you will participate.