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Hey, how ya doing?  I'm good here.  I'm living in my little apartment building and living small right at the moment.  I'm semi-retired or semi-self-employed, whatever you want to call it, after having been a bookkeeper and financial manager for oh, about 25 years.

My 91-year old mother and my 82-year old auntie live in the same apartment building with me.  I have some fun with them.  They're both such a trip!  We come from different eras, I think.  Different times.  Different time zones that are not hours but years and decades apart.  They just slay me, the way their minds work sometimes.

I come from Upstate New York.  It's a cozy,predominantly Jewish suburb of a medium-sized upstate New York city.

Environment makes a difference in point of view.  Urban-suburban-rural.  I've been all three and would prefer to go back to rural, but I'm a little bit stuck here in suburbia right now.

I so enjoy the contact with other minds, other points of view, here on HubPages.  Your're all good.  I mean that.  Everybody I've read has something to say that means something, either personally or in the wider scope of life.  Many blessings to you all, and count only the happy hours!