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Currently I...Write, research and photograph, in no set order. In theory I then put those things online, but these are pursuits are notoriously "never finished." There's always some deeper layer to unearth, or a better light to photograph in, and we won't even talk about editing prose. I strive to do better.

MiniBio...My first memories are of clutching a crayon and "editing" my kiddie books.

At mother's insistence I started accumulating notebooks and by 6th grade I'd been voted "most voracious reader.*" Soon a camera was added to the inventory, and when computers shrunk to sub-hernia weights, I picked one of those up, too.

These days the computer's smaller but the camera's bigger and I'm like the happy offspring of a pack mule and a turtle, always carting around the things that matter most.

I'm the embodiment of the Liberal Arts trinity of reading, writing & Photography, but with a side order of investigative geek.


*I won a hardcover dictionary! I still have it- nerd heaven!