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Nolan Thomas

Nolan Thomas was born and raised in Chicago and has been writing on and off for about 16 years. He currently resides by the beach in South Carolina.

Besides writing articles on Hub Pages, Nolan also writes sports related articles for, he has written two screenplays, a novel and a childrens book.

"PRIMORDIAL EXPLOITS" (Book and screenplay)


Come along for the ride and experience the trials, tribulations, and extremely humorous times in this true story of Rocco, Munse, and Sticky; three 19 year old young men who in 1975 took a hilarious and adventurous 5-week sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll vacation together.


The true story of Irish vagrant Michael Malloy and the six men who conspired to kill him for several life insurance policies in the 1930s Bronx.


A series of 26 different childrens books with each book featuring a different letter of the alphabet. They could be sold in either sets or individually. 


Nolan has always enjoyed writing and sharing facts, feelings, and thoughts with others through his writing.