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When I was younger I used to keep a journal, sort of like a diary. I will always write down the events that transpired during the day, as if telling them to a close friend. It gives me great pleasure to read this journal from time to time, whenever I feel like it (which is almost always).

In college I had the best lecture notes, copied from my professor's board writings, or taken down from what I have heard from them. All of my classmates photocopied my lecture notes, instead of doing their own - and I enjoyed it!

I love writing - the physical process of it. Scribbling down letters on paper, until they form some sort of a nice image on paper - sort of like a printed textile. I like seeing my handwriting - does that make me vain? :-)

In my day job I am usually asked to produce technical documents. I am so glad that I discovered the wonderful world of online writing (though of course I don't get to do it with a pen!). You can hire me at oDesk, and now I discovered that HubPages is a great place to be in!

I love to travel, and my husband loves to take pictures. So I created to showcase our travels and his pictures. There are only a handful of entries there but I promise I'll do more!

Anyway, I have only been here for a short time but I feel at home. Nice meeting all the funny, witty, helpful hubbers out here.

Keep on hubbing!


"Writing is best done with a cup of coffee."