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E Jeannie Sanders

Greetings from Las Vegas....and MizJeannie

I am close to retirement and will start writing again soon. I have several articles that need some editing that I will introduce and hope you like them. I have to use speech recognition and recorders to help me but I have a wonderful editor who works with me. As always, I ask you to please keep me in your prayers. Follow me!

Las Vegas is an eye-opener. It is dry here and I miss the ocean in Hawaii. However, I am finding other areas to explore and enjoy in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have also met some fantastic people.

For the record, I have been writing since 1981 on various topics. My articles have been published in The Sacramento Bee, The Adjunct Advocate, College and Career Magazine, The Sacramento Observer and The Riverside Press Enterprise and online at, Helium, and

I have a Master's Degree in journalism from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in journalism from California State University, Fresno and an Associate of Arts in English and Literature from Sacramento City College.

I happily confess that I am a strong Type A personality, optimistic, detail oriented and fun loving too.

I generally wake up each morning with an opinion on something and want to write about it. I am also freelancing on many sites and I will start linking those sites so you can read all my articles. Thank you for following me and supporting my writing.