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Hi everyone! I found Hubpages one day while surfing the internet and decided to join and see what it was all about. I'm glad I did because this has become one of the best places for new writers.

The best part about hubpages is the freedom to write what you want, how you want to, and when you want. This is a site filled with talented, experienced writers that have given me the ability to improve my ability to write.

I have a Bachelor's of science in criminology and a Master's in criminal justice.

I currently work in healthcare field. Even though my education gave me the knowledge on crime and the criminal justice system, I choose to work in the medical field. I love working in healthcare and have worked in this field for 14 years.

I also love reading a great article. I love reading a writer's ability to take a subject and make it a fascinating and interesting topic. What I consider a great writer is one that can capture a reader's attention.

I look foward to reading great hubs here and look foward to producing great hubs that will hopefully be capturing and a good read.