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Melvin Porter

Melvin is an avid reader and a retired scientist (chemist) with 35 years of experience. Besides chemistry he also has an interest in math, medicine, astronomy, human genetics and the American civil war.

His goal on hubpages is to share his scientific knowledge and to explain scientific information to others in a non-scientific manner. Occasionally, he will write a few hubs on other topics besides science primarily to earn money. After all, that is his secondary goal for writing on Hubpages.

He is also an amateur artist and his art work was once critiqued while he was a teen by the late well-known, American artist Norman Rockwell.

He also enjoys cruising in the Caribbean during the summer with his family and on his own time he enjoys watching lots of science fiction movies, namely, The Matrix, The Time Machine, Star Wars, just to name a few.

Hubpages Accomplishments:

1. Two hubs received "Editor's Choice" status.