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Megan McInnis

Megan McInnis, a Washington native, descends on one side from early Issaquah settlers on Lake Sammamish, and on the other side from Detroit Mafiosi. As a first child and first grandchild—on both sides—she's never recovered from the impression that she would get lots of attention for doing very little; consequently, her achievements since then have been limited. Nonetheless, she's quite proud of the following:

playing Wendy in Peter Pan at Issaquah’s Village Theatre, 1984;

singing the role of Casilda in the Bellevue Opera's performance of The Gondoliers, 1989;

singing in Lava Toad’s first and final performance, 2005;

being published in Raven Chronicles, 2013;

performing in the Stand Up for Harm Reduction Comedy Showcase, 2015;

performing in The Gay Uncle Time, 2015.

Most recently, Megan had four essays published in the anthology Words from the Café, 2016, a book produced by members of Seattle's miraculous Recovery Café and edited by the magnificent writer and teacher Anna Bálint.