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Chelsea Rowe

First and foremost, I am an educator with over 17 years experience in the public school sector. My passion is researching, teaching, and helping others enrich their lives in any way I am able. I am a mother of an incredible child with Tourette Syndrome. It is my mission to spread awareness of this incredibly misunderstood neurological disorder as well as others that negatively affect the lives of children and adults. Lastly, I am also an entrepreneur. I am a small business unfranchise owner of an internet marketing and product brokerage company with Market America powered by Owning this business has opened my eyes to many new opportunities and learning experiences I wouldn't have had otherwise. I have met the most supportive and wonderful people in the process. Being an Unfranchise Owner has also given me more time to spend with my son which is by far the most important ROI for me of the business.