Brian L. Powell

I write for my own pleasure, although I am earning some money here.  I am constantly looking for ways to improve my writng skills; also, I have picked up some basic photography skills - that seems to be important to this site.  I read constantly and have come across some quotes that appeal to me.

Marks of the good writer. - Good writers have two things in common; they prefer to be understood rather than admired; and they do not write for knowing and over-acute readers. - Friedrich Nietzsche 

Writing clarity is a goal of mine; and, I strive to improve that aspect of writing every day.  The problem I have been pondering is that not everything makes sense.  That has been hard for me to accept; however, I ran across this great quote:

The irrationality of a thing is no argument against its existence, rather a condition of it.

Friedrich Nietzsche

You have no idea how liberating this concept is to me. Life was a bewildering place, when I believed that everything had to make sense.  

I am living in Dallas, Texas for now .    

I have earned degrees from Texas Tech University (Masters in Architecture) and From University of Texas at Arlington (BS Architecture and environmental design).     

Spent nine months in Tulsa, Oklahoma until I had to leave town.  Nice place, but it is way too quite. For the most, my life has been spent in Texas. 

I started this blog because I need something to keep my mind from petrifying during a period of unemployment.  It works.  For fun I read, write, sketch, sometimes paint with water colors and carve wood.  To be honest, the only thing that my carving has produced is some carefully crafted wood shavings. Tinder for starting the grille.  

I tend to like subject matter that can be presented with some humor; however, I do seem to be branching out in both subject matter and writing styles.  For some odd reason, I keep writing about dragons.  The sketches and photos alongside of the verse are my usual creative outlet. Eventually, I will write about something that I have no clue about.  Feel free to call me out when I do that.  Just include some reference material so I can learn.   

I do have some blogs and a web site.  Just click one of these links: - Photographs and Short Verses and rants. Blogger is a little better for verse and poets following the traditional forms. You can control the format a little better on blogger. - I post Photos, Short verse, saying, links, and things I run across in Dallas.  A great site for following photographers and chefs.   I intend to just focus on food under this avatar.  I have enrolled in a culinary program at a local college; and, look for more informed opinions. 

Follow me on Twitter as @Leroyworld - I tweet when my article are published or revised.  It's easier than email.  

I have a blogspot that follows Dallas lunch spots, usually affordable.

Now just go enjoy some hubs.  I hope they are mine; but, there are some fantastic ones out there.