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M S Beltran

For most of my life, I was considered pretty liberal. I was raised in a city considered a major liberal stronghold. My family— mostly consisting of blue-collar working-class Democrats— thought I was a bit too extreme a leftist for their tastes. In college, I was firmly rooted in the political Left.

Things started changing. I started struggling with my position on many issues about 15 years ago. About 12 years ago, I stopped considering myself a Leftist, It's confusing because many of my views were still pretty liberal but just didn't fit the Left's ideology anymore. I actually think the Left has become less liberal, not more. It's not that I made some extreme move to the right; it's that the left moved so far left that they pretty much have left me, and people like me, in the dust.

I still struggle to peg myself. Some days I can't decide if I'm a liberal conservative or a conservative liberal. My thoughts don't fully align with any party. With some issues I lean right of center, with others I lean left of center. I don't feel I'm beholden to any party, ideology or political leader, and I really do try to see all sides. I've had issues with ideas on both sides of the political spectrum, but these days the bones I have to pick are mostly with the Alt-Left and Progressives.

It's hard to talk about politics or society these days in polite company without getting your head torn off, but there is just so much to talk about. I started this hub to give myself an outlet for expression. Writing is my way of thinking aloud, and it helps me organize my thoughts and articulate my feelings. It also gives me a way to vent and purge so that I can set political discussion aside so that I don't feel like I arguing with people in my social circles because I'm really not interested in that kind of drama.

I am not a political analyst, I have no legal background, I'm not an economist or any kind of expert. I'm merely a concerned U.S. citizen trying to make sense of what's happening in this country, These articles are my musings.