Lance Crowe

Hey, Thanks for checking out my profile.  I was going to start a traditional blog, but discovered that HubPages offers more of a newspaper/magazine article setup where each hub stands alone and there's no need to go in any sort of chronological order.  I’m writing these hubs because there are so many people that don’t really understand intelligence while much of the literature pertaining to it is written by people in the community for other people within the community.  And maybe I’ll earn a shiny nickel in the process.  There a hundreds of thousands of people that would do well in the field if they just knew that it existed and just as many wives and girlfriends that can’t understand why their husband or boyfriend won’t ever talk about what happens at work. In the hubs linked below, you'll gain a better understanding of intelligence world. 

There is also the occasional Random Musing that is not intelligence related, but you may find entertaining or thought provoking in some respect.

During my time as a student of Intelligence, I discovered that there were often times that the information that I needed was hard to come by or limited to only what the professor could provide in the classroom.  Intel is a pretty small niche and you have to know exactly what you’re looking for or pick through all the other common stuff everyone else searches on Google.  I’ve included my sources for most of my work in case anyone’s citing me at the undergraduate level; it’ll make your digging for references a little easier. At the graduate level, you'll need to use peer-reviewed works which are generally available in your school's library.  (You can thank me by briefly reading and applying my Courtesy Clicks hub ;-))  By the way, I should mention that if a certain topic generates more revenue through clicks on Ads, I’m inclined to right more on that particular topic.

There are a variety of topics that I’ve been asked to teach or explain over the years, some posts will brief, some require a more lengthy response.  Overall though, I should keep it simple and break things down as well as I can.  If you catch a mistake or have more to contribute, by all means, please do.  If there’s anything in particular that you’d like me to cover or if there’s a specific question, please feel free to contact me; email or post a comment.

I had the honor of serving a little over a decade in the US military and have been all over the world.  Currently I’m working towards my PhD in business.  I’ve  finally finish my Masters in Intelligence Collections & Analsis.  I'm a member of Golden Key and Delta Epsilon Tau.  My Bachelor's Concentration was in Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict.  Basically it’s a long drawn out way to say asymmetrical warfare/Counter Insurgency.  I used to work for the DoD. For security, I don’t discuss it much more than that.  No I won’t have to kill you if I tell you, but the Men In Black will have to find you and flash your memory, an expensive, unnecessary and avoidable waste of taxpayer dollars.  ;-)

Speaking of which, comments and emails are tax free, so please leave one; I'd love to hear back from you.

"The nation that draws too great a distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting done by fools.” ~Thucydides