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Kenneth Avery

Age: 63. Did Graduate from high school. Worked for The Journal Record newspaper--1975-1984; The PROGRESS newspaper 1984-1988; the Journal Record1990-2000; Hobbies: Creative writing about daily life and this segment of life can be funny. I am a Christian, but not religious. I choose a Relationship with Christ rather than "just" being a religious person. I like Donald Trump. Period. Likes: Crimson Tide Football; Community coffee; Huddle House, Hamilton,Ala., No Likees: telemarketers; religious only people; narrow-minded, judgmental and so-called "elite" people who look down on others.

I am very proud to be a part of HubPages. And I am equally proud to have as many followers as I have now. I am grateful for my followers and want to produce the hub that will not only cause you to think, but maybe laugh a little, for in this present day, it never hurts anyone to take a minute to laugh.

Glad you came by and come back again when you can stay longer. And Kenneth is my real name. I don't know of any attention-compelling names. Care to suggest some?