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Dr John Bridges

John Bridges is a Bostonian transplanted many years ago to the Pacific Northwest. He currently lives in Portland Oregon. He worked as a professor for 10 years but is now enjoying being an author. He writes books in many genres, but his passion and specialty is History and politics.

His books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads and many online stores. You can view them at

They include...

True History and the Lies We Were Told Volumes 1,2 &3

North Korea: Countdown to Conflict

The 80's Were Awesome

Everybody Knows What Happened Except Hillary Clinton

Why She Isn't Locked Up

Special: The Art of Balancing Crazy, Corruption, and a Rather Large Wig

Watch Out For Squirrels: A Survival Guide to Being the Biggest Nut in Washington

The Wisdom of Frederika Wilson

He is also a contributing author for the 4th Edition of the best -selling book series, "Better Business Book" by Authors Unite.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, most of his books are offered free of charge through their online library. There is no risk, so why not give it a try. He only ask that you be kind enough to provide a review on Amazon.

Dr. Bridges also publishes Science and Geography books for children, under a pen name.