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John R Wilsdon

John Wilsdon

Accolades: BA University of Arizona 1975

MAed University of Phoenix MA 1992

Major areas of study: Mathematics and English

United States Navy, 1968-1973

Taught middle school,1976-1996

Areas of interest: gold prospecting, reading about health, gardening

I feel fortunate to live in Arizona. The weather (even summer) is the best I have experienced. When traveling in the Navy I saw a lot of interesting places, but never had any doubt that Arizona would always be my home. After working for 25 years in Tucson, I moved to Superior (small mining town with wonderful people). The pace is slower and I am smack dab in the middle of the Copper Triangle and the attendant rock formations and high desert.

I enjoy writing informative articles, and have been extremely pleased with the way HubPages works. I have become an avid Hub reader and am impressed with all the talented people out there.

Since the idea of making a litte extra money in retirement is compelling, I have found many articles on SEO at HubPages valuable. I hope, as many others do, to be able to incorporate SEO ideas into my writing. Writing a well-structured article melded with a dash of search friendly concepts is the goal.

Recently I started a blog directory of webpages offering free plans for building your own gold prospecting equipment. Having built a number of tools myself, I decided others might like to save a little time and money by reading my blog notes and going to a variety of websites with a tremendous variety of how-to information. See my other writing at:

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My wife and I enjoy short trips to the sites of Arizona. Visits to my two daughters (Tucson and Phoenix) are always a treat. They are without a doubt the most wonderful daughters a father could want to have. And now, drum roll, in February, 2010, I became a grandfather for the first time. My little granddaughter is opening up a whole new aspect of life to me. She rocks!

Post Script 09/26/2013: I now have a second granddaughter - one granddaughter per daughter. It's great to be a grandpa!

Post Script 07/19/2016: I now have a third grandchild, a boy. It's still great to be a grandpa!

Post Script 1/2017: I now have a fourth grandchild, a boy. It's still great to be a grandpa!

Post Script 3/1/2019: I now have a smooth-coat Chihuahua. She is 2 years old, rescued, and her name is Minnie. She is a wonderful dog, trained, and very smart and attentive.