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Even Though I was born in Miami, Florida I grew up in California. I spent five years in the heart of Los Angeles and seventeen years in the San Fernando Valley, I guess that makes me a "Valley Girl". I came to Florida twenty years ago.

Before joining Hub pages my previous writing experience included writing in my journal, as well as writing lyrics and poetry. I won a Golden Poet Award for two of my poems back in 1991 and I even got to go to New York City to receive my award. I had the time of my life!!! All I can say is New York City is awesome!!!

Now that I have been with Hub Pages for over a year, I have found that my experience has been very rewarding and I have learned a lot since I joined. Hub Pages is what I consider the best web site for writers in cyberspace.

If you want to unleash the writer within and have the time of your life, while earning some money doing it, then start your journey by joining Hub Pages. Hub Pages is a dynamic community of writers, membership is free and it is tons of fun and very rewarding.

As Sydney Harris once quoted "A Winner makes Commitments, a Looser makes promises"

So stop making promises and make a commitment to the writer in you and start writing your first hub today.

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