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Brian Middleton

Life is filled with interesting and wonderful things. The longer I live the more fascinated I become by the wonders of this world. Certainly, there are horrors and awful things, but I have discovered that we give power to the things we focus on. In my formative years, I was very angry. Quick to fight. Faster to judge and condemn. It wasn't until I learned more about myself that I truly began to understand how little I know.

When I first started on Hubpages I was a firebrand with a similar spirit to that of my youth. Now, as I have grown in experience, as I have made mistakes and considered the hard lessons, I have become more thoughtful. I value different things. To say I have wisdom is something that makes me laugh. Can a fool truly be wise? Perhaps. But even fools have experience and insights, and I hope mine can serve to help others.

A little more about me. I was diagnosed with non-verbal learning disorder when I was in my early teens. It wasn't until years later that that diagnosis was updated to high functioning autism (formerly Asperger's Disorder). I have gained a huge amount of experience and explored many places that diagnosis. I have become a special education teacher and behavior analyst who advocates for fellow autists. I have traveled the world and hope to continue traveling. I have been married, divorced, remarried. I have had successful businesses and failed businesses. I have written stories and see wonders. And the one thing that keeps me going is the deep desire to unify people. I have found that it is in unity, in understanding, in conversation that we are able to solve our differences. As one of my heroes, Daryl Davis says, "How can you hate me if you do not know me?" So I wish to bridge the gap and bring people together anyway I can. So here is to unity. Here is to harmony.