Heaven L Burkes

I began my creative journey as a singer/songwriter, producing and recording two albums entitled Faith in You and Embraceable You. I had the great privilege of working with Oscar-nominated composer John Debney in the early 1980s, who was then at Disney Studios. My first music CD, Faith in You, is comprised of original compositions. Unbroken Spirit, a haunting lyric and melody, tells of the early history of Native American people. This is the accompanying music to the Nina’s Story video book trailer:


My CDs are available here - Listen to samples of songs:  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/heavenleigh

My love for story-telling through music led me to write my debut novel, Nina’s Story.

Nina's Story, is the first of a planned trilogy. I studied with author/screenwriter Peter DeAnello (The Monologue: From Mystery to Mastery) to expand my craft from songwriting to short play, screenplay and novel form.

Nina's Story, author Heaven Leigh is available now on Amazon.com. Kindle and Paperback

Nina’s Story has traveled to many countries of the world. International fans of the book include readers from North and South America, Sweden, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Australia, Italy and The Netherlands.The book has struck a chord with those who love romantic fantasy. Its underlying theme of the dangers of following a charismatic dictator is an urgent message today.

My childhood and adult experiences with religious abuse inspired me to help others seeking healing after this type of psychological trauma. By using a fantasy theme, I was able to creatively expose the psychology behind the behavior of abusive leaders.

I currently reside in Northern Colorado with my husband and two children. I am writing my second book of the Endymion Oracle series and working with the amazing fantasy illustrator, Rose MoonFeather from New Zealand, on a children's book entitled King MoonGlow & the Magical Dream. My daughter Jasmine & I are soon to record my original song "Power," that is to accompany us on a tour of schools and children's hospitals. See more details here: https://www.gofundme.com/powermagicsong

On a personal note: One of my biggest inspirations is MY DAD. (James R. Griffin - April 9, 1939-July 5, 2011). He was an artist of the highest degree. I share his artwork in my Hubs. He believed in magic and miracles, and even though he had much of his original art stolen from him just before he ascended - I vow to do my best to bring it (what I have access to) to the world in the best way I can. I love you Dad - and I believe that one day your art will be where it was always meant to be.

I love Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, and sewing shadows back on for surprise visitors. ;)