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I have done BS in Electronics and currently employed as a Presales Engineer in an IT firm. Internet is my addiction and blogging is my passion.

I really love to keep my presence on the Internet and explore this ever so diversified online world. I have been freelancing for around 4 years now and have 6 active blogs. I have also spent a good part of my life teaching, which I found out to be a great way of sharing my knowledge with others.

But the place I get satisfied the most is on the Internet where I love to share helpful articles keeping in view the need of students for their homework and assignments.

I have recently found out a new passion which is the world of Cisco and networking. I haven't done a lot of publishing on the Cisco stuff, but probably I will be doing that soon.

I stumbled upon Hubpages through a professional blogging site and soon discovered that it is really a wonderful place to share knowledge where the writers are well rewarded.

My Blogs:

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