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I am a health care professional, and have worked in relationship therapy. I have had much success in my business, and the beauty of what I do is that I make people strong and happy. I truly help them achieve their dreams. I have dedicated my whole life to helping people, whether in the hospital, or giving advice to women on how to achieve their relationship goals, and business goals. They go hand in hand and the biggest mistake women make is that they don't put enough effort into becomeing independently successful.


I believe that women should help themselves in life and I recomend that they do all they can to achieve financial stability.

There are wonderful sites for inspiration and direction on what to do for financial stability that I have written for, and often go to for my own inspiration- From Debt to Net., and Entrepreneur Lady at blogspot.

On a lighter note, being one's best also means looking one's best. Visit The Pin Up Girl Workout and workout like a beauty queen, not like a wanna be stick model, are tops for the independent woman.

I am currently launching my own blog and will be updating shortly. Thank you for the visit.