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Gift and Receive

Gift and Receive Mission:

Connecting Church’s and Non Profit Organizations to donors and sponsors is our mission. Building good relationships with donors through marketing is a key element in fundraising. Fundraising is much more than raising money. The more personalized approach works best. Personalization and Interaction are a vital part of making the connection between donors. Donors are those who actively support the work of non profit organizations through their sustained financial contributions. Donors are also friends of the organization. With friends you can share good news, and bad news, keeping in touch and developing long-term relationships that bring benefits to both sides.

The purpose of Gift and Receive and the use of the Gift and Receive is to bridge the gap, and help build the long term friendships between non profit organizations, and friends of non profits. This serves as the tool in which information is shared, news and events are shared, and the relationships are built between the giver, and the receiver. Both sides benefit as the relationship is built.

We take pride in being able to help make the connections, explain the visions and goals of our clients, and help clients to not feel inhibited about asking for donations for their cause, and mission. Gift and Receive is the avenue where non profits and ministries can share their problems, as well as their successes with donors. Honesty and Openness are highly prized. We encourage the fact that it is the people who matter most.

Gift and Receive, as the name implies, provides a service to the two separate markets; the donor, and the cause. We are breaking through the fundraising junk mail, and offering a valuable platform in this app to connect what really matters… people. The Giver and The Receiver.

People give to people. It is not the mottos, logos, mission statements, or strategies. It’s the people. For the non profit organization, it is not about the money. It’s about the work that urgently needs doing.

One of the greatest desires of donors is for recognition. We help donors get the recognition that they desire as sponsors of your custom app, and through this app as well.

Giving is Good and being recognized and shared through our apps helps fulfill the need of the donors to be recognized.