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My usual form of writing is creative writing. I am experienced in writing from abstract point of views, such as personified inanimate objects or emotions; personal opinion; and first person and third person point of views, including omnipotent point of views. I usually keep to short stories not longer than ten pages a piece unless requested. I have some experience from writing in historical fiction; lead up to by my extensive research on past events and historical documentation of personal life during those time periods. I have been writing for over seven years and started a small creative writing blog just under a year ago.

For poetry, I write in freelance, rhyme, haiku, and couplets. I have been writing poetry for over five years and have been requested that my poetry be featured in poetic anthologies.

I'm a woman's artist.

I have some experience in photography, usually with taking nature photography and felines.

I have experience in working with children, equine, felines, and canines.