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Jeffrey A Benedict

Who am I ?

One of the hardest questions to answer in my opinion is "Who are you?".

I often tell my self I am just an observer here. In reality my brain wont ever stop. Late at night I have solved everything from world poverty to cancer.

it's not always anything that important. Often it is as mundane as what to do with that left over piece of soap that is to small to wash with and yet to big to feel good about throwing it in the trash.

I have lived in four states and 2 countries all for a minimum of 2 years each. Including England from which I was deported.

I have read the Encyclopedia Britannica from front to back, attended some collage class and more than a few collage lectures but hold no degrees.

I have spent over two years of my life sitting in hospital beds. Not all on the same occasion but it sure gave me a lot of time to read. My hospital Stays were from 12 major surgeries and I stopped counting at 20 minor operations.

I have been married twice and divorced once and only ever married to one person. There have been two people who called me daddy one was killed 21 days before her sixth birthday the other is turning in to a fine young man who achieves above average grades.

I have opinions on everything under, around, behind, and in the middle of the sun. Just ask my wife she will tell you. She will tell you I am the perfect asshole. I say if telling the truth in all situations then yes I am an Asshole. She says some times closing my mouth would be better than telling the truth. I agree but that's harder and harder to do everyday.

have you ever been in a situation were someone cuts a line or is otherwise rude to other people. did you say to yourself or the people with you "Someone should say something.".

I am Someone and I say something. If you are in front of me in the 20 or less line with 30 items I am going to say something. If run up to the gate and squeeze in so you don't have to wait in line I will say something. So if that is being an Asshole then Guilty as charged.

One of the worst beating I took as a child came after my mother said " You have an answer for everything don't you?" Thinking that if she ask me a question I better have an answer every time I said "Yes.". So if you ask me a question I will have an answer you might not like it but I will have an answer.

That said your are now warned I call it like i see it and if you read long enough I Will make you angry. So if you read this page and at some point you don't like what I wrote you only have yourself to blame.

I grew up listening to Alan Berg on KOA radio in Denver. I liked his style because he would argue any point from any side. if you agreed with him he would tell you why you shouldn't if you disagreed with him he would tell you why you should agree with him. No matter what he would provide an opposite and opposing view. All in hopes of making people think deeper than they do.

That's what I hope to do with this blog. make you think about things from a different angle. I love a good challenge so if you think I am wrong please by all means say so. I will respond up and until you start attacking my person. Because no matter how much you read here you will never know me until we sit down and have a talk face to face.

That's the Nut Shell version. Please enjoy.