Juan A. Misle



Born in Switzerland and raised in Venezuela and the US, I have been exposed to the culture, language, and values of three different countries as well as an ethic of hard work. A flexible and adaptable individual, with strong interpersonal skills and hardworking dedicated approach. Studied and received a Bachelor's Degree in International Studies with a concentration on Latin America & the Caribbean at the University of Florida, I cover topics that comforn sociological factors explaining the rise of social, cultural, political, and economic changes in the Latin American region, historically and continuously. I've completed and participated in professional overviews of subjects related to diplomacy, trade, social mobilization, cultural institutionalization, and political transitions. Having traveled across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US, I have gathered a general knowledge of the different cultures and socio-economic factors influencing the life and activities of people, politics, and its history.

Keen on achieving a Masters Degree in Latin American Studies and International Relations.