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floating mind

Hi everyone. I'm the kind of person that has too many thoughts swirling around in my head. My friends and family are always suggesting that I write a book about my experiences or some of the crazy thoughts and ideas that I have. So, I figured that I would give a blog (or blog like) type of Internet entity a try.

My background is with electronics, and computer analysis & programming, and teaching (in the computer field), and computer animation (for instructional purposes).

I wanted to know what it would be like to do some acting, so I got involved with the movie industry and ending up in several movies (as an extra).

I think the environment needs to be saved from us humans. To that end, my goal is to "save the planet for humans from humans!" Or, at least my little corner of it.

For the past number of months, I have focused on what my future may bring. I have looked into a number of different things, and here are some of what I have discovered and decided.

1.) My user name “floating mind” is also the name of a musical group in Europe, (Switzerland to be exact). Who knew!? It seems that the music produced by “Floating Mind” is of the minimalist and electronica genre. Very different from what I am use to listening to. Yet, they have a few scores that I like. Surprise!

2.) A home that takes care of its financial self. Here, I'm talking about home ownership and constructing it in such a way that the home can pay for itself. I'm investigating ways to make this happen. What time honored methods and new technologies exist that can be used to allow a homeowner to apply techniques that will allow the home to regularly make money? Stay tuned for this one.

I just have to try harder to stay focused enough to complete my goal before (Oooo ... chocolate cake!)

Thanks for reading my profile & I hope you enjoy my hubs.


The summer of 2011 has me doing a few very new things. For one, I am a raised bed farmer. As it turns out, farming is not that difficult; especially when you only have to farm a raised bed the size of eight feet by four feet. I found it so enjoyable, I have created a website about it at Also, I am getting more involved with volunteer organization at the management level. It too is fun, enjoyable, but also teaches you a lot about people in general. 2011 is not over yet; and I have a few more things on my plate that I want to do before I move on to 2012.

For me, 2012 was a very big bust. From multiple family members in the hospital to home foreclosure, I'm glad to put 2012 behind me. Now, in 2013, I'm taking a new direction with things. I will be writing more, and launching various websites of my own to increase my writing ability. And trying to pick up where I left things off before the 2012 hell year smacked me in the face. I guess I'm trying to say, ... I'm Back!

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