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In America, a recent fundamental change that has occured is that we have institutionalized and legally upheld the right for our United States Senators to act in a wholly partisan manner.

Many of these articles discuss ways to replace the current two-party partisan system with balanced representation of the People and the States, and amend our Constitution to help make this so. Many are written from the point of view that the People and the States need representatives who represent, not career politicians who regard their congressional seat as a throne.

Never forget we all have different points of view whose expression is guaranteed. Take time to learn about the people you will vote for, and Don't forget to Vote.

Also, a disclaimer: Please note that views presented here by FitnezzJim do not represent the views of his employer.

Jim's latest hobby is HubPages, where he expresses opinions on changing our current partisan government. His other hobbies are role-playing and Kryptos.