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Jesse James

In 1985 I made my debut in the city of Oxford, Mississippi. I grew up in a town of fewer than 500 people, which was far too small for me.

Many of the skills I have today are the result of my father's teaching. My father was amazingly talented and never seemed to run out of new ambitions. Although he was stricken with kidney and heart disease at a young age, he rarely let bad health keep him down. Some of the skills I learned from my father are guitar playing, banjo playing, turning pottery, jewelry repair, candle-making, drawing, painting, building, plumbing, and most importantly, how to laugh at life's problems.

I've played and lettered in the top 3 sports in high school and also maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout. However, I was/am stubborn and upon entering the second semester of my senior year, decided to drop out of high school and give the working world a try. Long story short - I didn't like it, so I went back to school to get my diploma.

I went to college for a semester, majoring in secondary and physical education, but decided to return home to spend time with my ailing father. He passed away less than 2 years later and left an irreplaceable hole in my life. After getting married for the first time, I began working an overnight shift at Wal-Mart, which I kept for 1 year. I bounced around from job to job until I landed a DirecTV technical support job. After my interests shifted, I quit DirecTV and worked at various places while going through a divorce. After my divorce, I moved to Florida for a span and fell in love with the beach and culture. Sadly, I had to come back home.

Eventually, I re-enrolled in college and after writing a few essays, my English teacher encouraged me to publish some of my writing. So I opened an account on Hubpages and began writing content online. I consider myself an informative vessel more than a writer. I've never been an expert in grammar or correct punctuation, nor will I ever be, but I do have a wide range of topical expertise. I write mostly about things that I have learned throughout my life and other topics that interest me. Then again, sometimes I just write when I get a wild hair.

After totaling our vehicle, I dropped out of college once again to help make ends meet. I began working in a local meat market and learned the skill of cutting meat. As an extra source of income, I started buying and selling comic books on eBay. I sold items sparsely until I finally decided to try to make a living by just buying and selling comics online. After perfecting my meat cutting skills over a five year period, I was now making more money from home than I was at my day job. Naturally, I quit my meat cutting career and focused all of my efforts on my online business. It wasn't long before I was making over $100 a day on eBay and became a top rated seller. Since I had extra time, I decided to start writing again, which I truly missed.

Some of my upcoming articles will feature step by step guides to cutting meat with video demonstrations. I am also working on several articles that focus on ways to save money by using the different methods available online. I'm just like my father - I always have new ambitions and can't seem to learn enough.