Eric Caunca

Hailing from the “Pearl of the Orient Sea”, Eric is a science teacher and currently teaching science as well as other subjects such as health and mathematics at Casa del Libro. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education major in Physical Science from the Universidad Politécnico de Filipinas de Santa Rosa and BS degree in Electrical Technology from Santa Rosa Manpower Training Center. He shares his knowledge and practical wisdom to his students especially those who want to be a scientist. He also worked as an electrician at JSPH where he was responsible for the electrical needs and electronic systems of the company.

Eric is also a writer on Owlcation, Delishebly, Exemplore, Soapboxie, Letterpile, and many more. He also writes about culinary, history, poetry, traveling, and other topics. If you want to see this handsome author and his all writings, please click the Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn logo at the “Follow Me Here” or “Follow This Author” section, or open this link: