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Lisa McKnight

Professional writer and creative author.

I'm for hire as a copywriter for business and education writing. If you need great copy contact me via the email link on my profile or find me on another networking site.

I have to write every day or I feel lost. How I write can vary. Sometimes I shout to the rooftops; "PEOPLE HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS!" Other times I write with passion about a business or service I've come across.

I've got several non-fiction Kindle books out on Amazon How to Sell A Coaching Product or Service On-line, How to Give Great Feedback, and It's My Turn Cooking Christmas Turkey by Lisa McKnight. It's an internet marketing must-have!

Hubpages has been a real blessing. It is a wonderful platform to learn how to get amazing thoughts, and your unique self out there to the readers. It is a supportive community and there are brilliant writers to learn from and read, alongside great SEO/SMO experts. It is a chance to work with technical people if you are a creative authopreneur.

My Top Six articles to view according to traffic and impressions are good to look at if you are learning what works on here.

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Analysis of History by Carol Ann Duffy

Communication Models for Coaching

Analysis of Tall by Carol Ann Duffy

Immanuel Kant and The Categorical Imperative

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About me: Freelance writing is a calling. I wrote in every job I held, got marshalled to do the public relations work, the marketing copy, press releases, VIP events, office displays and media enquiries.

I would sit doodling away every spare minute writing titles for great novels. Now I write articles for magazines; letters to editors and parliamentary committees; blog comments; funny tomes to absent friends; poetry; short stories; and several novel starts.

Writing as a full time freelancer has made me very happy.

@Lisa McKnight

All work is copyright protected or used with permission. Contact me for usage requests or if you are interested in hiring me as a writer you can message me on Hubpages via my profile page. Anytime say "hi" or drop a comment on my hub. I'll check you out too!