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David Huffman Sr

I am 69 yo, and a retired OTR semi driver, of 39 years. I've been all over this great country of our's and seen a lot of things. I now have some health issues and am looking to do some writing. My interest has always been Horses. Even as a small lad, we had Horses on the home farm ( I grew up a farm boy ) and I always had a great fondness of them. I now have family living in the Las Vegas area and in Arizona. I am hoping to travel West later on to visit family, and maybe even see some more of the Old West... to coin a phrase. In my younger years, I studied Journalism some and worked for a small Newspaper here in Columbus, Ohio for a short time and had learned a little bit about writing. I hope in weeks to come I will be able to contribute to Hub Pages, and get to know some new people. Please wish me luck.