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Curtis Aron

Hello fellow Hubbers!  Welcome to my profile page.  I am excited about being a member of this fascinating community.  I have been writing for a hobby for most of my life and find that writing is something that I enjoy very much.  I equally enjoy reading the work of others and being introduced to the many different perspectives on life and the things that make us tick. 

I have been involved in law enforcement for about 13 years.  My law enforcement career has afforded me with the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world and interact with police officers from all over the world.  I have worked with police officers in Kosovo, Iraq and currently, Afghanistan.  It has been a truly eye-opening experience that has taught me a lot about the differences in backgrounds, customs and the way that we do things.  It has helped me to develop a great amount of respect for, tolerance of, and interest in other customs and cultures.

I am also interested in all aspects of business.  I majored in business in college and it has become a passion of mine.  I know that law enforcement and business may seem like a weird mix but there are actually a lot of principles that are interchangeable.  I hope to one day be able to make a career out of combining the two together.

I am looking forward to learning from the members of the community and getting my points of view out there to be liked, disliked, discussed and shared as you see fit.  Thank you and happy hubbing!