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Myranda Grecinger

I am a graduate of Ashford University where I majored in Cultural Anthropology and minored in both History and Sociology. I am currently studying American History and Executive Leadership as a graduate student in Liberty University's Interdisciplinary Studies program. I try to keep an open mind and a positive outlook. My hobbies include outdoor activities, home crafts, antiquing, and learning, it is my passion and truly enjoy sharing what I have learned. My favorite topics include things like history, culture, and literature, though you'll find over time I tend to write a little bit of everything. If you would like to know anything else, just ask. I am pretty much an open book.

An Important Note From The Author

I have had the experience of dealing with a situation where I had to show that one of my articles did in fact belong to me and that was the author and wrote it quite a while ago, for that purpose I have decided to add this little bit of information to all of my articles. Some of my articles are based on things that I have studied in school, I post them because I find the topics extremely interesting and figure others will as well and hope they they will inspire some discussion or deeper research or simply offer the information to those who may not otherwise learn about it. I realize that many people will see my articles which is why I post them here, I do not post them here for people to copy. Plagiarism is serious, I put a great deal of hard work into my writing and research and expect others to give me the common courtesy of not taking credit for accomplishments that are not their own. If you intend to use any part of any of my work please respectfully request to do so and I will answer in a timely manner and please give me proper credit by citing my work as a source. Also, please do not copy my articles and post them elsewhere. If you appreciate some piece of information that you gathered from my work please feel free to request my permission to post it or link back to my page.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Myranda Grecinger