Mae Merriweather aka Boss Lady Mae

I am a multi-talented freelance writer, business consultant, accountant, human resource consultant, radio host, public speaker, and aspiring actress.

As a freelance writer for sixteen years, I can express my thoughts and feelings in such an imaginative and poetic way. I have a way of controlling my readers’ imaginations by using very powerful descriptive language and specific details in my writings. I never leave them wondering or bored because I am a very passionate writer who leaves the readers wanting more even after reading the last word.

Over the years, I have written articles on start-ups, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, grants, human resource, accounting, financial strategy, restaurants, fashion and styles, beauty and health, weight loss, diets, parenting, health and fitness, healthcare, medicine, games, youth, homeless/abuse children, Leukemia, etc. as a freelance writer for several publications. I have also written scripts, screenplays, commercials, documentaries, press releases, memoirs, manuals, user guides, business plans, grants, novels, short stories, fiction/non-fiction eBooks, blogs, and websites content for clients who were 100% satisfied with my work.

I have excellent oral and writing communications, good organizational skills, high attention for details, outstanding analysis/problem-solving capabilities along with my quick turnaround time to ensure I meet deadlines are the key factors in my success as a freelance writer.

I have vast knowledge in both Accounting and Human Resource as I have been working in Accounting for twenty-six years and HR Consultant for ten years. I will prove to be beneficial for your projects in the areas of both Accounting and Human Resource. I have my Master's Degree in Accounting, and I have been setting up accounting departments for start-ups and training their staff for fifteen years. I also have superb Human Resources skills, which I have set up HR departments for start-ups and small businesses by writing their manuals, policies, and procedures as well as hiring executive level and entry-level candidates.

I am Radio Host of my own show, "The Boss Lady Mae Show”. I have 18 years of public speaking where I have done workshops, seminars, and webinars. I have host concerts, fundraising gala, and conferences.

I am also an aspiring actress who has been an extra in several movies. I have done several stage plays.