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Bob Zermop

Living in the Bay Area, spending my days eating! Food, politics, and travel are my life.

A few facts on me are below. (Derive from them what you will.)

I've now been vegan for a year and a half (and counting). Quick response to common questions: 1.) For the animals. 2.) No, I'm not an activist - just living for myself, taking my own demand away from the market. 3.) No, I promise, I really am sane. At least in my opinion.

As I've observed over the past year, veganism hasn't lessened my obsession with food at all. Even though it is more difficult to eat out at restaurants, I've been finding all sorts of delicious dishes to try and cook.

In politics, I am "conservative" at core - in the sense that I value individual rights in all senses. I'd say the hub I'm most proud of so far is my hub on "Why Capitalism Works and Socialism Doesn't".

I'm not experienced in either politics or economics, so everything I write here and elsewhere is just my very, very humble opinion or conclusion, even if I present it as undebatable fact.

I also love to eat and am likely doing so right now, even if you're reading this in the dead of night - I'm also a night owl and am often up without the sun.

If you notice that I didn't include many identifiable personal characteristics, that's for a reason: I'm trying to circumvent ad-hominem altogther and save everyone's time.

I'm relatively new to HubPages and Internet writing, but hope to publish more hubs and articles soon. Hope you enjoy my articles; feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated!