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A Writer that wishes to bring deep emotion from his words written into a literary form. Mark Baker is a growing author and writer with a goal in mind, one that brings the reader to an edge of a seat experience, or to simply offer historical or other miscellaneous non-fiction articles to help further broaden him/her.

You can Visit his personal website at the following:

This author has one E-Book on the Market at Amazon, a small Science-Fiction/Horror novella based out of a post-apocolytic world, but one with a twist.

The second E-Book is a short science-fiction/Fantasy titled: "A Watchful Tree".

If you would like to join hubpages, and are looking for a place to start, click here and get started, take your time and write well, you may just become a bonafide writer in no time:

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In regards this writer's wish to give back to the public a bit, he created multiple E-Zines (Online Magazines) to help inspire the writer/artist/photograper in you. If you wish to view these, please visit:

Have a Wonderful rest of your day.