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Aya Katz

Linguist, Writer, and Primatologist.

When I was a child, I had a list of goals:

(1) I wanted to write a novel.

(2) I wanted to have a child.

(3) I wanted to bring up a chimpanzee and teach it language.

Getting there took a long time, and there were many obstacles on the way. But now that I have achieved my goals, I am dealing with the challenges that come after.

In my hubs, I hope to share the knowledge that I acquired along the way, and the new struggles that I face now that my original goals have been realized.

The latest hub on my ape language research is here:

My biographical hub is to be found here:

My old website, which has recently undergone a major overhaul is here:

Check out my blog, Notes from the Pens:

I write lyrics to songs, too. Listen to Leslie Fish singing my lyrics here:

My three books for children and my three books for adults can be purchased here:

Hubpages have disabled my profile links, but you're smart and probably already know how to copy and paste a URL into your browser. .->