My name is Sarah and I am a resident of Highland, IN - originally from Coal City, IL. In 2007, I attended the Grundy Area Vocational Center during high school, and it was there that I realized my passion. This cirminal justice course inspired me to pursue the same in college. I have received an A.S. in Criminal Justice/Forensic Psychology and a B.S. in the same with a specialization in Substance Abuse. In the future, I hope to graduate with a Ph.D. and pursue a medical career in addictions counseling.

In the past, I have worked at a crisis center where I assisted counseling those at risk for suicidal tendencies or behaviors on a volunteer basis.I also assisted women and children who came form abusive circumstances to move on from their experiences in a healthy way.

I am here to expand my academic writing and my understanding of the field, as well as to assist others in comprehending and coming to terms with addictions and addictive behavior.