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Angela Blair

Senior Citizen with attitude, chronic sense of humor, lofty ideals and somewhat opinionated. Has been known to challenge most norms and suffers from intensely bad hair. Short on patience and long of tooth but generally plays well with others if not overly provoked. Published author, songwriter, musician, web slinger, history buff, white water rafter, trail rider and numerous other non-income generating interests. Intensely Texan, pro-gun, anti-AARP and vocal on all three subjects. Challenged by electronics, map reading, all children and most men. Often writes for beans, travels at the drop of a Stetson, and considered somewhat eccentric by those with pre-conceived notions of folks over 60-years-old. In love, these last 20 years, with an Indian Medicine Man of Cherokee/Choctaw heritage named Tall Horse who stays in close touch with both our Lord and the Grandfathers. He's also the owner of three wolves and involved in wolf rescue which is of great interest to this author.

My brother, singer/songwriter/Texas Poet LaureateSteven Fromholz was killed in a tragic gun accident on January 19, 2014 at his ranch in West Texas. Prior to his untimely death we conspired and authored a book  "Look Dammit...That's Just Texas."  The book has some humor, some sweet tales and some poetry -- particularly poignant in view of Steven's passing. We published this one ourselves and  will appreciate y'all checking it out on our websites. This author is webslinger for all!  (You can't get the shopping cart to work unless you click on the book ad to make  it  full size -- we've found by trial and error!)